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Working Together

“Justin has an exceptional ability to explore different modes of working together, and can deftly shift from one to another to maintain momentum.”

Stefanie Smith

Author of The Power of Professional Presence

Justin is dedicated to both his clients and the writing process. He understands and feels strongly that the relationship and communication he has with his clients is as important as the actual end result. A book architect’s job is to collaborate with the client to pull out the best concepts, ideas, and thoughts; the goal is not to become the voice of the client, but instead to make the client’s voice louder, and Justin diligently works to do just that. Justin views his responsibility like that of a megaphone. He says, I don’t want to be my client’s voice. I just want to make it a little louder.

Whether working together to build a best-selling book, drafting a winning proposal, or developmentally editing a completed project, Justin is a student of his client’s story and enjoys not only the process of creating a project, but also the fulfilling nature of learning from others and their experiences.

Through working with numerous CEO’s, celebrities, athletes, coaches, and entertainers, Justin has a familiarity with all types of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, with various stories, personalities, and many different desires and goals. Justin feels collaborating with another person is truly one of life’s most enjoyable experiences, and values the concept that two heads working together can achieve a clear, concise, relatable, and desirable result for audiences to enjoy.

Justin specializes in books about:

Business—Business development, finance, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, marketing and sales, women and business, job hunting and careers, economics.

Self-Help– Personal improvement, health, mind, body, fitness, spirituality, finding success, motivational, inspirational, advice, and reference.

Biographies/Autobiographies—Memoirs, arts and literature, athletes, entertainers, coaches, travel, historical.

Sports and Entertainment—Biographies/Autobiographies, individual sports, team sports, athletes, coaches, actors/actresses, producers, directors, reference, self-improvement, “how to” guides.

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