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Book Conceptualization

Develop a Blueprint for Your Book to Make Writing Drafts Easier and Your Final Product Better

“The most important thing Justin did was to give me the confidence to find my voice and the author within. I am truly thankful for Justin’s efforts on my behalf. He’s incredible at what he does.”

Ruth Ross

Author of Coming Alive

All books start with the seedling of an idea, and then grow from there. But first, that idea must take root, be developed, nurtured, and evolve.

Book conceptualization provides the fertile ground and gentle nurturing needed to help your idea grow and develop. By collaborating with Justin Spizman during the conceptualization phase, you can identify your core message, purpose, and long-term goals behind your book. The work put in at this stage lays the foundation for a stronger first draft while also creating a blueprint to consult once you start writing.

Anyone who thinks to themselves: “I want to write a book; where do I start?” should always begin by developing their initial spark of an idea into a solid concept document and chapter outline.

Book Collaboration and Conceptualization Gets You Through One of the Most Painful Steps to Writing a Book

Experienced author and freelance ghostwriter Justin Spizman will help you create useful early documents and guiding notes for your book. These documents reveal clearly what central themes, messages and takeaways you want to relay to your audience.

Think of it as drawing a sea chart and a rough itinerary for your voyage. You get to map out exactly where your ideas will take you and how you might get there. You also have a notion of where you need to take your reader to along the way in order for their journey to feel complete.

The roadmap you create during conceptualization with Justin will become incredibly useful during both the drafting and developmental editing stage. You can always deviate from them — after all, every voyage into the pages of a book should invite discovery. But the documents let you know when you have strayed too far from your course. Or, if you happen to identify an even more tempting destination to take your readers to, the concept documents at least let you know what you’re leaving behind.

“You can do irrefutably impossible things with the right amount of planning and support from intelligent and hardworking people… and pizza.” — Screenwriter Scott M. Gimple

The Book Conceptualization Process

Book collaboration with Justin Spizman begins with a series of phone calls and direct interviews. By talking with Justin about what inspired you to start writing your book and your overall goals for the manuscript, you can collaboratively identify the “big ideas” and core concepts that will make it unique. These ideas and concepts become the critical message within your book and the central purpose behind reading it.

By deciding early on what you want your audience to learn from reading, you can ensure that your message remains focused. Focused messages resonate more clearly to readers. They also have a way of tying all supporting concepts into a distinct, organized central theme.

After identifying big ideas, you can begin to carve your initial outline and table of contents. These provide structure to each of your book’s chapters during the layout phase. Think of them as a scaffold that can help your ideas grow, flourish, and bloom during early drafting. By pruning these ideas and picking off the best fruit through editing, you can give your readers a feast for the mind that will have them hungry for more.

Justin will assist you during conceptualization through discussions, insights, suggestions and other collaborative input. His guidance will help you think critically about your book concept and approach the first draft with intent, purpose, and confidence knowing that your idea will soon come to life.

Justin Spizman serves as your mapmaker and navigator, helping you ensure your book goes somewhere interesting and leads to compelling discoveries along the way.

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