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Non-Fiction Book Ghostwriter

Non-Fiction Book Ghostwriter

If you are thinking about hiring a non-fiction book ghostwriter, you have made the right decision. The demand for non-fiction is constant and it must present a unique solution for a common problem. In other works, non-fiction can simply tell a story, but it must do so in a compelling way. The general consensus is that non-fiction books are written by experts, so the expectation is high. The quality of the writing must match the author’s level of expertise. A ghostwriter can combine the best of the two worlds, coupling their professional writing skills with your authority on the subject matter.

Make Sure Your Non-Fiction Book Ghostwriter has Specific Experience

Ghostwriters create books on a wide variety of subjects. You do not have to look for a ghostwriter who exclusively writes non-fiction, but you should find one that has a significant amount of experience writing these types of books. An experienced ghostwriter will be able to:

  • Capture your voice clearly on the page
  • Use their writing to connect with your target audience in a manner that compels them to act
  • Create a deep connection with your audience
  • Use techniques that captivate, engage, stimulate, and entertain your readers throughout the entire book

Ask to See Their Work

Not all ghostwriters are equal. Just because one has experience does not necessarily mean they are the right fit for your voice, your brand, or your book. To get a sense of their own writing skills, you should ask to see some of their work. Ghostwriters often sign non-disclosure agreements with their clients, so obtaining samples can be challenging.

If you are given excerpts, determine if the writer’s voice is consistent throughout the piece. If you are given multiple samples, check to see if the different pieces are written in a different voice. They should be, as the writing needs to be in the author’s voice, and not the ghostwriter’s.

Ask to See a Contract Sample

While there is certainly a creative element to using a non-fiction book ghostwriter, there is also a business one. You should ask to see a sample of the contract the ghostwriter uses with their clients. When reviewing the contract, make sure the ghostwriting fees are extremely clear, even if you have not set a rate yet.

Also check to determine whether the ghostwriter allows the fee to be paid in installments. There should be at least installments, as you should not pay a ghostwriter in full upfront. Lastly, make sure there is a termination clause included within it. If you are unhappy at any time with the services, you should be able to walk away with very few, if any, repercussions.

Our Non-Fiction Book Ghostwriter has the Experience You Need

It takes a great deal of experience and expertise to fully capture the essence and message of a non-fiction book. Justin Spizman is a non-fiction book ghostwriter with the experience necessary to do just that, regardless of your subject matter. Call or email us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.

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