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Hire a Ghostwriter Online

Hire a Ghostwriter Online

You may have considered hiring a ghostwriter that can put the thoughts in your head down on paper. For many, the thought of finding and hiring the ghostwriter that is right to tell their story is a daunting one. Where do you look? How do you even start? For most people, the best answer to this is online. In fact, you can hire a ghostwriter online and continue using online services throughout the entire process.

Find the Online Ghostwriter that is Right for You

There are many ways you can find a ghostwriter online. There are many ghostwriting networks such as LinkedIn and Upwork that can help you find the ghostwriter that is a good fit for your project. Sometimes these services may charge a fee, but there are other options available if you are looking to cut these costs.

Of course, you can always simply conduct a Google search for ghostwriters. You do not even need to find one that is specific to your area. Many ghostwriters are based in one area but work with authors all over the world. The online world has made it entirely possible to work with someone across the globe. In fact, once you find the ghostwriter that is right for you, the entire process can often be done online.

Ghostwriter Online Services

It is likely that your ghostwriter can work with you online throughout the process. Using Zoom, email, or chat services, the process may include:

  • The initial meeting: It is important to meet with your ghostwriter, preferably using a video service, to gain a better understanding of whether you will work well together. Ghostwriters can adopt many different tones and work in several different genres so it is important to find the right one, particularly when you have a very specific idea. During this meeting, the ghostwriter should also ask a lot of questions to understand your goals for the project.
  • Interviews: A ghostwriter will also set up a number of sessions and interviews, either through transcription or videoconference to gain information that will help them write the book. Through these talks, they will then draft an outline for the book.
  • Writing and drafting: Once a ghostwriter has the information they need, they will create a first draft and email it to you for review. You can then provide feedback and changes you would like to see and the writer will make the revisions. This process will continue until a final copy is written.

How the process continues after you have approved the final copy will depend on the ghostwriter you are working with. They may guide you through the process of publishing or make recommendations about how to do it.

Our Online Ghostwriter Can Help with Your Project

If you have wondered how to hire a ghostwriter online, the good news is that the process is fairly easy. At Justin Spizman, our online ghostwriter knows how to efficiently help put your thoughts onto paper. Call or email us now or fill out our online form to request a free consultation and to learn more.

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