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Conceptualize Your Book

Conceptualize Your Book

While writing a book can seem like a mysterious undertaking, it is not. You simply have to take your ideas and put them down on paper. While this is a very broad and fairly straightforward process, however, some authors simply do not know where to start.

Some authors have a small fleeting idea of what they would like to write, or they know the message they want to convey, but they have no idea how to start it. Even when they know how to start it, they may not know how to flesh out their ideas into a fully developed book. Our book architect can help you conceptualize your book and turn those first fleeting thoughts into a thoughtful and compelling piece of work.

Start with Things You are Passionate About

Yes, it is true that you are writing this book for other people to read. It is important to remember that it is your book too, though. You must be passionate and completely engaged with the topic or story you are writing. If you are not, you may find that you become distracted by other ideas, or that you are unsure of where to begin.

Tell the Story

Even if you are not creating a work of fiction, you are still writing a book because you have a story to tell. Perhaps something a family member said has stuck with you over the years and has helped you learn many lessons. Or, maybe you are interested in a historical event that you want to explore more or from a different angle. Regardless of the topic, there is a story there. A book architect can help you find and conceptualize it.

Use Your Imagination

To an author, or someone who wants to become one, the phrase ‘use your imagination’ may sound a bit cliche. However, doing so can greatly help you conceptualize your book. Start by simply sitting down for 15 minutes and writing whatever comes to mind. Do not focus on genre, form, or structure. Just write. To you, these scribbled notes may seem like they will not help but to a professional, they can help form the basis of a successful book.

Keep a Journal

Your story is an important one that should be told. Keeping a journal is particularly helpful if you plan on writing a memoir. You know what has happened in your life, but you may have trouble pinpointing the lessons, experiences, and impact on your life in an effective and straightforward manner. Keeping a journal can help you conceptualize your memoir by helping you identify patterns in your life, or the lessons you are constantly learning.

Our Book Architect Can Help Conceptualize Your Book

Sometimes, the blank page is the most difficult thing for an author to face. Justin Spizman is a book architect that can help you conceptualize your book so it is logical, engaging, and conveys the story you want to tell. Call or email us now or fill out our online form to request a free consultation so we can get started.

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