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Collaborate with a Ghostwriter

Collaborate with a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who helps another person write a book, essay, report, or other piece of content. Contrary to what many people think, though, ghostwriters do not simply take a concept of a book and run with it until there is a finished product with the other author’s name on it. When working with a ghostwriter, collaboration is key. They need to fully understand the story you want to tell, while you need to make sure they are the right one to put your story in writing. When you collaborate with a ghostwriter, there are generally three stages involved.

Conceptualizing Your Book

Creating a great concept for your book is the first step when you collaborate with a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter will not create a concept for you. Instead, they will listen to your ideas and goals to help you create the concept. Once you have a concept you can then collaborate with a ghostwriter to create an outline. Outlines are very detailed road maps of where you will go next. A solid outline can help you bring every chapter back to the purpose of your book, while providing a way to move onto the next.

The First Draft

The first draft is essentially the pot that holds all of the ideas you thought of during the conceptualization phase. A first draft should be written in your voice and style and provide a solid foundation for revisions and the final copy. When you collaborate with a ghostwriter, they can keep you on track and write your story in a way that sounds like you. Still, you should never expect a first draft to be perfect. Collaboration can include someone ghostwriting the entire manuscript for you, or simply helping you fill in the blanks.


One of the most important parts of the writing process is the editing process. It is during the editing process that your rough draft is polished and becomes the beautiful masterpiece you had envisioned. You can make the message stronger in this section or make another more readable. You can add concepts you may have thought of along the way or take out entire sections.

Collaborating with a ghostwriter is always useful, but this is particularly true during the editing process. A ghostwriter can bring a fresh pair of eyes to your manuscript, catch things you may have overlooked, and help strengthen your overall message. While you can edit your book on your own, you may miss mistakes a ghostwriter would not.

Collaborate with Our Ghostwriter Today!

Collaboration is a big part of the writing process and our ghostwriter can provide the advice you need so you always know how you are moving forward. Collaborate with our ghostwriter, Justin Spizman, and you can rest assured that you will complete a finished copy that you can be proud of. The sooner you call, the sooner you can have that book. Call or email us today or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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