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Coach’s Book Ghostwriter

Coach’s Book Ghostwriter

As a coach, you have spent a large part of your life helping others. You were able to do this through your own training, education, and experiences. By writing a book, you can expand the knowledge you have accumulated over the years and share it with people other than your players, students, or clients. Even though you may have a great story, or more likely, many great stories within you, perhaps you do not have the time or the desire to actually sit down and write it. Below, our coach’s book ghostwriter outlines the main reasons why you should consider hiring someone to write it for you.

Coach’s are Very Talented Storytellers

One aspect of being a coach is being a great storyteller. You have inspired many people to reach their own successes by telling them stories about your own life and the things you have witnessed. For example, if you have ever coached a player who was experiencing a slump, you may have told them about the time you could not get a date with the girl who later became your wife. As a storyteller, you already know how to take something seemingly unrelated to another person’s life and make it not only relatable, but inspiring.

You Know Your Subject

One of the most often quoted sayings in the literary world is, “Write what you know”. You know your sport, your industry, or your field and by writing a book, you can expand on that. For example, as a baseball coach you may want to write a biography about Babe Ruth. With an in-depth knowledge about the sport already, writing the biography you want will be easier and will provide more information to your readers.

You Know Your Audience

As a coach, you not only have in-depth knowledge about your subject, but you also have a keen insight into your audience, as well. You have spent a lot of time around them and so, you know what they want and need. This can help you write a book that speaks to them directly and in a meaningful way. For example, if you are a life coach, you may write a book touching on the most common themes you run into with clients. Instead of helping just a few, you can help hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of people.

You are an Inspiration

Like it or not as a coach, you are an inspiration. You cannot coach without inspiring. Whether you want to write a self-help book, a memoir, or a biography, you need it to be inspirational and as a coach, that is not something you need help with. By writing a coaching book, you can inspire the masses and not only the people you directly connect with.

Our Coach’s Book Ghostwriter Can Help You Tell Your Story

Coaches have a lot to say and there are many people who need to hear it. Justin Spizman is a coach’s book ghostwriter who can help you tell your story in a meaningful and impactful way. Call or email us today or fill out our online form to request a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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