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Book Ghostwriters for Hire

Book Ghostwriters for Hire

Have you been telling people for years you have a book in your head? Do you often think about the concept of this book but find that you cannot find the time to put it down on paper? If so, it may be time to find book ghostwriters for hire. Ghostwriters are an excellent choice for people who want to write a book but find two things are standing in their way – time and writing experience. If this sounds like you, below are some important things to know when hiring a ghostwriter.

Is it Ethical to Use Book Ghostwriters for Hire?

You may think that by using a ghostwriter, the book is not really yours. Fortunately, this is not true. When using a ghostwriter, they are simply telling your story, whether that is a true or a fictional one. You remain the author. The ghostwriter is merely the pen you use. The job of the ghostwriter is only to take your story, style, tone, and voice and put it down on paper.

Consider a ghostwriter similar to any other professional you would hire. If a pipe burst and your basement was flooding, would you take the time to watch a YouTube video and figure out how to fix it yourself? Probably not. Instead, you would likely find a plumber and enlist their help. The same holds true with ghostwriting. It is completely ethical and only helps you achieve your ultimate goal of writing a book.

What to Look For in a Ghostwriter

The first thing to know is that not every ghostwriter is a perfect fit for all books. Many times they only work in a specific genre. Even when you find a ghostwriter that has experience with multiple topics, you also have to make sure your personalities mesh together well. You will work very closely with any ghostwriter you choose to write your book so you must be able to trust not only them, but their process, too.

Many ghostwriters sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients they work for. This prohibits them from releasing the names of the people they have ghostwritten for in the past. However, they often have obtained permission to share samples from different clients. You should ask to see some samples and read them to make sure each piece sounds different. After all, the ghostwriter is not using their own voice. They are capturing the voices of others, and each one will be different.

Next, ask the ghostwriter about the experience they have with writing and publishing, as well as the method they use. Any ghostwriter you work with should have clear strategies for writing the manuscript, and should be able to provide you with a timeline. The timeline will depend on the specific project, but be wary of any ghostwriter that guarantees a timeline of 90 days or less.

Our Book Ghostwriters for Hire Can Help with Your Idea

If you are looking for book ghostwriters for hire, you have come to the right place. Justin Spizman will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the vision you have for your book and help it come to life. Call or email us today or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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