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Book Editing

Book Editing

Congratulations! You have finished your book and you are close to becoming a published author! Before you do, though, you must ensure your manuscript is as good as it can be so it will impress publishers in the manner you are hoping for. To do this, proper book editing is required. Some authors choose to edit their book on their own. Unfortunately, this often only results in writing and rewriting sections that may not need it. More often, it is better if the manuscript is read by a pair of fresh eyes and by someone who can catch things you have not even considered.

When Should You Hire a Book Editor?

After you have written your book and you do not believe there are any more substantive changes to make, you should consider hiring an editor. Depending on the state your manuscript is in, you likely have many options available.

If you think your book needs fine-tuning, factual information needs confirming, or you think the structure needs reorganization, a developmental editor may be your best option. A developmental editor can turn your manuscript into a masterpiece.

If you believe your book needs a line-by-line read to find grammatical errors, typos, factual issues, or material some may find offensive, a copyeditor may be able to help. Proofreading could also be an option if your book is pretty solid but you need help checking for punctuation errors or spelling mistakes. A proofreader can also help ensure the formatting is clean before sending the manuscript to a publisher.

Generally speaking, if you feel as though your book is just about at its final stages, it is time for book editing. If you have already signed a contract with a publisher, it is imperative that you contact a book editor before proceeding.

How Long Does Book Editing Take?

You have probably spent months, and maybe even years, getting your book to this point. You cannot wait to start talking with publishers, yet you also know how important the book editing process is. It is natural to worry about how long it may take. Book editing can take anywhere from one week to many months, depending on many factors. These are as follows:

  • The length of the book
  • The availability of your editor
  • The number of revisions your book requires
  • The production schedule of the publisher and when they want to begin author promotion

Realistic expectations are an absolute must when embarking on the book editing process. It is one that can take time, but it is of critical importance to the final product that you remain patient.

Our Ghostwriter Can Help with Your Book Editing Needs

Book editing may not be the most exciting part of the process, but it is an important one. Justin Spizman is a ghostwriter who works with authors around the globe to make sure they are delivering the highest quality book to publishers as possible. Call or email us now or contact us online to request a free consultation and to learn more.

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