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Book Architect

Book Architect

Maybe you have an idea for a complete book but just have not had the time in your schedule to write it down. Or perhaps you have a list of great ideas but just do not know how to get started writing a book to write them all down in. It could be that you have already written a first draft and need someone to edit it. In all of these situations, a book architect can help. A book architect can put your thoughts down on paper, organize what you have already written, and more.


A ghostwriter will listen to your ideas and concepts and get them down on paper in a beautiful, well-crafted manner. Ghostwriters must not only be very talented and creative, but also efficient, organized, and dependable. A ghostwriter can help you conceptualize your book and provide revisions as necessary so it is your voice and style that comes through on the page. In the end you will have your book faster than writing it on your own, and with all the credit of being the author – because you are!

Book Collaboration

Without collaboration, there really are no books these days. All authors, regardless of their level of experience, rely on the ideas and input of others to create the best work possible. A book architect can collaborate with you and help bring your book from its infancy stages to the focused and fully developed vision you have for it. Book collaboration can take many forms depending on the stage your book is in.

Book Conceptualization

Maybe you just have the first seeds of an idea. You know you have something great but you are unsure of how to turn those dynamic first concepts into a fully fledged and well-developed book. A book architect can help you reveal the main messages and themes you want to incorporate into your book, and the point, moral, or lesson you want to leave with your readers.

Content Editing

The only way to start writing a book is to get your thoughts down on paper. A first draft, though, is just that. It is a good place to start, but it is still unfinished. It is during the editing process that a book becomes a fully developed piece of work that is more than just the sum of its parts.

Book Proposals

For those who dream of becoming published authors, writing a book is only the first part of the process. The next step entails publishing the book, which requires an effective and thoughtful book proposal to send to publishers. A book architect can help you create the book you have always wanted to sell, and draft a proposal that will help you actually sell it.

Our Book Architect Can Help with All Stages of Your Project

Regardless of where you are with your project, our book architect, Justin Spizman, can help you with it. Justin has extensive experience in all stages of the writing process and will help you bring your vision to life. Call or email us today or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more.

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