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Biography Ghostwriter

Biography Ghostwriter

A biography is a story of someone else’s life and there are many reasons to write one. Maybe there is a historical figure you admire and you want to highlight a little-known aspect of their life. Perhaps you have a family member with a fascinating story you want to share with the world, or even just your own family. Regardless of why you want to write a biography, or whether you want to publish it or not, you may need professional help. There are many ways a biography ghostwriter can help you deliver the best book possible.

Two Important Skills to Look for in a Biography Ghostwriter

There is a lot to consider when looking for the right biography ghostwriter for your project. Of all of them, two factors are the most important.Firstly, they must be able to listen to you intently and ask questions. Not only should they ask questions, but they must also ask the right questions. This is the only way they can know how to highlight the essence of the message or the person’s life you want to write about.

Just as importantly, any biography ghostwriter must also know how to use language that adequately captures your character, your personality, and your vision. Remember that a ghostwriter is not the author. You remain the author. A ghostwriter is simply a tool you use to get your message across in the way you want. You have a story to tell. The ghostwriter is only the storyteller.

Topics to Include in Your Biography

You may know that you have a few topics you want to include in a biography but maybe they are not enough to fill an entire book. A biography ghostwriter can help you flesh out the book not by writing fluffy filler, but by filling in the gaps and expanding on your idea. A biography ghostwriter can help you identify topics to include in your book, which may include:

  • The important things the person has seen
  • The different phases of the person’s life and what they meant
  • The overall meaning and purpose of the person’s life
  • The lessons the person learned during the course of their life
  • The successes and highlights the person has realized in their life
  • The challenges and failures the person has faced, and how they dealt with them
  • The person’s background, including their culture and family

A biography ghostwriter can suggest other topics to include. A ghostwriter will also save you time while bringing their gift for the written word, as well as their organizational experience, which will keep you on track. If you are too close to the story, a ghostwriter can also help you choose the most important topics and stories to include, and what you may be able to leave out.

Call Our Biography Ghostwriter for a Free Consultation

Justin Spizman is a biography ghostwriter who can help you bring another person’s story to life. Call or email us today or reach out to us online to request a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help with your biography.

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