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Athlete’s Book Ghostwriter

Athlete’s Book Ghostwriter

Helping an athlete articulate their story is one of the most rewarding experiences for our athlete’s book ghostwriter. It is not because they are an athlete, or because they are famous. It is because once you move past all of that, they are human beings. They have children and parents and other loved ones. They also have their own stories of success and failure, along with the lessons learned through them. Allowing them to share their story in a meaningful and thoughtful way that conveys the message they have always wanted to bring is an honor.

If you have always wanted to tell your story, perhaps now is the time. Below, our skilled ghostwriter outlines three important factors to consider when writing it.

Your Story is Not a Google Search

It is easy to start talking about your resume as soon as you begin to write your book. You have probably spoken of your accreditations and your stats so many times, you no longer even really think about it when talking about them. However, you should not use your book to inform readers of what they can learn through a Google search. It is the story beneath the story that matters.

As an athlete, you know that what people see in the media, or even in the stands, is not who you really are. While your sport may be a big part of what you do and may have played a big role in your life, it is not who you are. Who you are is that child who trained so hard to get to where you are, the parent who is now trying to protect their child, or someone in a certain stage in life trying to determine what comes next. Stats and figures are part of it. But it is the real story of who you are that matters.

Stay Away from the Tell-All

Having a tell-all book does not mean that it is a bad book. Including a scandalous or controversial story in your book also does not make it a tell-all. When avoiding the tell-all, it is most important to make sure your book does not turn into a gossip column. There is a big difference between having something to share and simply talking. It is important you can walk that line.

It is Not About You

Yes, your book will be about your life and most of it will revolve around your experiences. While the book is about you, though, you have to make sure it is a worthwhile experience for your readers. It is about inspiring them and allowing them the space to discover new things about themselves. It is about connecting them with moments or changing their perspective. It is important to keep this in mind at all times.

Our Athlete’s Book Ghostwriter Can Help You Tell Your Story

Justin Spizman is an athlete’s book ghostwriter that can tell your story in an impactful and meaningful way. If you think now is the time to collaborate with someone who can help you write your book, call or email us or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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